A Time to Sing



I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I was raised with the rule, ‘no singing at the table.’ I must say that this is a hard rule to follow in a musical (and LOUD) family!

Last year, in November of 2013, while sitting at the dining room table, the aforementioned rule went out of the window when my husband begin to write and sing a song we now call ‘WAR!’

By that Sunday last year in November, we were singing the song in church. Just a few months later, this February, we were recording it as a church.

I want to take the time to post the lyrics of this song, because I don’t know anyone, who has not
dealt with some form of war in their lives; whether it is an attack on their family, on their faith or on their focus on the Father.

I am extremely excited that more will hear this song and be encouraged by it…I also want you to know that sometimes it’s alright to sing at the table!


“I got joy in my soul,
God is in control.
I got Satan on my trail,
But I’m singing all is well.
He’s attacking everyday,
But I’m watching while I pray.
No matter the attack, I won’t turn back.

‘Cause this means WAR!

I’ve been in the storm and the rain, But the blood still stays the same. Whatever’s going wrong,
my war clothes are on!
I might be in a daze, but you can’t have my praise. No matter the attack, I won’t turn back.

‘Cause This means WAR!

I plead, I plead the blood!

You can’t have my family!
You can’t have my increase!
You can’t have my breakthrough!

‘Cause this means ‘WAR’