I’ve been in church all of my life. Simultaneously, I’ve been interested in dance all of my life.

I noticed very early, that in my church experiences, there have were very limited types of dance welcomed in worship experiences. I’ve seen traditional shouting dances, lyrical ballet dances, some miming, but very little of any other type of genre of dance in church settings.

When the bible states, “Praise Him with the timbrel and dance,” there’s not a specific description of what type of genre that is limited to…

This prompted me to wonder…How many individuals are in the pews, that do not use their gifts in church settings because they don’t see a home for their gifts in worship environments?

God can use varying forms of dance to reach others and celebrate HIS name!

When you listen to the song #WAR recorded by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago(available on iTunes, Google play, Amazon; family plug:)) you’ll notice that the song ends with a unique percussive sound, which is a short tap dance feature. I believe that when the Bible speaks of “A time to Dance,” (Ecclesiastes 3) that includes a time to TAP!

I encourage you to use every gift that God gave you…if it’s FROM Him, then it’s FOR Him!