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Blink! The first month of the year is over!

In order to not take a moment for granted, we are teaching our kids to make a monthly report of what God has done each month!
We are all Ending The Month Of January With A Praise!
Good days always outweigh the sad or bad days! We Made It Through The First Month Of #20GREATEEN!!!


Brought in the first hour of the year in recording a Live Album @FellowshipChicago !!!

Ministry Trip To DC To First Baptist Church of Glen Arden

Had Amazing Worship Experiences 3 times every Sunday at Fellowship Chicago!

Grammie(What We Call My Mom) Turned 69 With Basketball Celebrations!

Quick Mini Vacay To Cancun Mexico!

Our song, “Grace” goes #1 on Billboard Again making it 4 weeks at #1!

Added Much Needed Exercise/Boxing To The Schedule!

Unfortunately Buried First Cousin in St. Petersburg, FL but got to see great family members.

Attended Jewel Tankard’s Amazing Conference In Atlanta, GA.

Put on your seatbelts! Princess (our oldest) Began Driving Lessons!

As for February, We are already expecting a year’s worth of blessings in MONTH 2 of #20Greateen! Expect The Great!

Recommendation: Read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp and explore her perspective on gratitude!