Church Clothes



Yesterday, I was walking through a relatively new T.J.Maxx. I went up to a lady and asked her, “Where are housewares?” She gave me the strangest look. I didn’t know why at first. Then I realized, she didn’t work there!!! I was a little embarrassed, then I got over it and continued to look for a person with a T.J.Maxx tag on.

I began to think about the fact that we as believers in Jesus Christ, live in a world among nonbelievers. We don’t have a ‘church clothes’ uniform that we wear everyday that identifies us as Christ followers. We don’t wear name tags that prove our belief in the only living God. So how would a person really know who the believers of Jesus Christ are? How do we stand out? How do we identify ourselves without name tags or uniforms? John 13:35 tells us how people will know who the followers of Jesus Christ are!

John 13:35 states, “This is how everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”(ISV)

The representatives of Christ’s church on earth are to exhibit love for one another like it is a uniform! I don’t ever want to be mistaken for working for any other team than God’s team. I am challenged to consistently show and share love.

Our ‘church clothes’ are most noticeable as real love….

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Recently, at church, we have been studying the FAVOR of God based on the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) while also studying Psalm 5:12(NIV) which states,“Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your FAVOR as with a shield.”

I want to invite you to pray a prayer that we have been sharing. Pray today for the FAVOR of God to be on you, around you, working in you, working through you and working for you! In Jesus’ name!

With all this FAVOR talk, You may be asking , “What is FAVOR, anyway?”

Here’s a concise poetic definition!


What is FAVOR?
FAVOR can be defined as double grace. 
It can give you an uncommon blessing in an uncommon place. 
FAVOR is a garment that can be worn like a suit, 
It can allow you to minister and bear much fruit. 
FAVOR causes blessings to be pulled toward you like a magnet. 
It grants sweatless victories and won’t let you be stagnant. 
FAVOR opens doors that no one can shut! 
It can even make you speechless and make others say, “Whaaaat?” 
FAVOR is divine help that no man can halt. 
It is more priceless than anything protected by a vault. 
FAVOR isn’t earned, deserved, nor fair. 
It works like an elevator, when others must take the stairs. 
FAVOR is a force that cannot be explained. 
Thank God that this flow cannot be contained. 
FAVOR isn’t temporal, but it is forever. 
And it will become evident on your every endeavor!